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Welcome to RabbitKun's Rewards page! These rewards are redeemable on the Twitch stream during live broadcasts only. You can find the commands and costs here as well as short descriptions of the rewards. If you have questions, feel free to ask RabbitKun on stream! Thanks for the support!


Name A Karp

!magikarp [name]

150 Carrots

Fun Tip: RabbitKun loves playing Magikarp Jump during her short breaks!

Help name her next Magikarp, or two or three, and she'll send a photo as proof to you if you want. Magikarp used Splash!

Song Request

!songrequest [url]

250 Carrots

Want to hear your favorite song played on stream? Use this command to submit a song to the stream playlist and share your favorite songs with everyone!

Sketchbook Idea


250 Carrots

Submit an idea to draw in RabbitKun's Sketchbook! Every 6 months - 1 Year, the sketchbook will be raffled off to all viewers on the stream.



500 Carrots

Take a chance at winning a few carrots, a lot of carrots, or other fun prizes with RabbitKun's Gachapon!

Art Critique


2000 Carrots

Do you have artwork that you want RabbitKun to give you a 15-30 minute critique on? She'll try her best to give you pointers and little tips on your artwork (don't worry, she doesn't bite) and will do a paintover if needed.

Bunny Brigade


5000 Carrots

Become a full fledged member within the Bunny Brigade by having RabbitKun draw you in bunny form! At the end of the year, a mini-print will be released with all brigade members. For print purchases, your custom bunny will be included as a special sticker!

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Trading Card


5000 Carrots

Get drawn as a simple chibi and put on a trading card for fun! The card is stylized in the ACNL amiibo collectible card style.

Postcard Print


7000 Carrots


Redeem a postcard sized print of some of RabbitKun's artwork in her shop (https://www.rabbitkun.com/prints) or chibis she has drawn in her portfolio (https://www.rabbitkun.com/portfolio).

Sticker Pack


8500 Carrots


Redeem a sticker pack of some of RabbitKun's stickers in her shop (https://www.rabbitkun.com/stickers) or chibis she has drawn in her portfolio (https://www.rabbitkun.com/portfolio).

Emote Commission


20,000 Carrots

Commission RabbitKun to draw an emote for you! If you redeem this, please be sure to whisper RabbitKun or email her (art@rabbitkun.com) with emote details.

Chibi Commission


30,000 Carrots

Commission RabbitKun to draw a chibi for you! If you redeem this, please whisper RabbitKun or email her (art@rabbitkun.com) with chibi details.

Prize Pack


50,000 Carrots


Have too many carrots and don't know what to do with them? You can redeem this reward for a custom physical sketch, postcard print, button, stickers, and extra goodies! RabbitKun will customize the prize pack and ship it straight to you!

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