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🥕 RK is on a long break!
I will be on a 3-5 year hiatus while I pursue a college degree. Thank you for your patience & support!
🥕 Commissions are closed!
Commission slots may open in the Summer/Winter if time allows. Please email or DM me if you'd like to wait!

Pastel Pals Twitch emotes created by RabbitKun

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About Me

Hello, I'm Abby!I'm a freelance illustrator and currently a student majoring in Computer Science.I'm a self-taught artist and my passion is to create things that are colorful, delight the eyes, resonate with people, and build connections.I started streaming my art on Twitch in 2015 and hit affiliate status shortly after. While I don't stream nowadays, I love to drop by clients' streams for fun!Over the past 6 years, I have been lucky to work with many clients and companies focusing on supporting the online broadcaster & influencer communities on Twitch, YouTube, and social media channels.In the past 4 years, I've taken a few boot camps for UX and Front-End Development. More recently, I've returned to college to pursue a degree in CS.

LIKESAll things cute, Pikachu, Anya & Bond Forger, escape rooms, breweries, coffee & tea, boba, good food, video games, and plants.SKILLSIllustration
Graphic Design
Web Development
Content Creation
TOOLSWacom Cintiq 13HD
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (4th gen)
Apple Pencil (2nd gen)

Exhibitions & Etc.

2019Jan. 19 : Sky Songs, a fanart tribute to Studio Ghibli @ Anime Impulse2018Feb. 3 : Sailor Scouts in Love @ Honey & Butter
May 5 : Hanami, celebrating the world of CLAMP @ Honey & Butter
Aug. 11 : Summer+Ultra, tribute to My Hero Academia @ Honey & Butter
Sept. 29 : Corgis in Cosplay @ Honey & Butter
Oct. 13 : A Very Ghibli Halloween, a fanart tribute to Studio Ghibli @ T to Tea
Dec. 9 : Alice in Winter Wonderland @ Honey & Butter
2017Jan. 14-15 : Anime Impulse - Artist Alley Exhibitor Booth #9116
May 1 : Twitch Affiliate Program
Sept. 30 : Corgis in Cosplay @ Honey & Butter
Oct. 11 : Gamers for Good Presents Undertale Charity Fanart Book - Contributing Artist
Nov. 14 : Rime by Greybox, Developed by Sixfoot + Tequila Works - Contributing Artist to Game Sleeve in the Switch Physical Copy


My portfolio is split into two sections: personal work & commissioned work. The commissioned work will only include companies I have worked with and some examples of what you can expect if you would like to commission me. While I am unable to include all of my artwork, I do try to keep these sections updated as much as possible!

Personal Work

This portion of my portfolio includes personal work, contest entries, contract work, and art gallery work. I mainly draw digitally but occasionally work in traditional mediums for gallery submissions.


I'm very lucky to have collaborated with many clients and companies who have been absolutely amazing to work with! Below you will find some of the companies I have worked with and other examples of my commissioned work.I cannot fit all my previous work here but I will update as much as possible

Deviant Art logo
Roll 20 logo with pink d20 dice
Peer2Peer logo
NeverEnding logo with a golden dragon wound around a sword
Greybox logo
The Light logo


Commission slots are not always available so please check my announcements or stay connected via social media for the latest availability updates!


Emotes can be used for Twitch, Discord, YouTube, or other sites!Standard emotes come in the following sizes: 28px, 56px, and 112px. If you need higher resolution versions of these files, please let me know in advance otherwise your delayed request will incur an additional fee. Animated emotes may be coming in the future!

✦ Emote Prices ✦


✦ Animated Emote Prices ✦



Badges can be used for your community on Twitch (or elsewhere if the size matches) and will be delivered in 18px, 36px, and 72px sizes.

✦ Badge Prices ✦

Unique Badge$10
Minor Change$8


Avatars can be used anywhere that allows you to upload a profile picture. You will receive two files sized 250px and 500px (square shape).

✦ Avatar Prices ✦

1$40+ $15


Chibis are cute, smaller versions of characters! You will receive two files sized 500px and 1000px (square shape).I do not draw backgrounds but will do a simple color or pattern background if you'd like!

✦ Chibi Prices ✦

Chibi1$80+ $10+$10 - $20
Each Additional Chibi+ 1$60+ $10+$10 - $20

Terms of Service

Please read through the TOS before filling out the commission form.
By commissioning me you are agreeing to the terms of service outlined below.

General Terms

  • Please have your requests and ideas ready. I am willing to provide design advice along the way but will not think up content for you.

  • Provide clear and easy-to-read directions on what your needs are.

  • The more references and/or ideas you provide, the better the results! I do my best to try to capture what you're envisioning and can only do that with your help.

  • I have the right to decline your commission request if it makes me uncomfortable, cannot meet the deadline, or other reasons.

  • You are allowed no more than 3 major edits per commission. Further major edits will incur an extra fee of $10-20 per depending on complexity.

  • I have the right to cancel and refund the money paid for your commission at any time.

I will not draw

  • NSFW

  • Gore

  • Drugs or Violence

  • Complex Subjects


  • Full payment is due upfront or you may pay 50% upfront and 50% at completion.

  • I accept payment via PayPal and Venmo at this time.

  • I do provide invoices if needed, please indicate you need one when filling out the form.

Process & Timeline

Turnaround time is generally 1-2 weeks for most commissions but can vary depending on: the size of the commission, my work schedule, holidays, and other factors.
The commission process happens in 3 phases:

  • Payment & References: Upfront payment is due & you provide your ideas and references to me so I can start planning the work.

  • Sketch: I will sketch out your commission and pass it to you for feedback and approval to move on to the next phase.

  • Color/Finish: Coloring will commence and I will do a final pass to you for feedback and edit check. Upon approval, I will send the files to your email.

Copyright / Usage Policy

As the artist, I hold all rights to the commissioned artwork.
You can purchase commercial rights to a commission for an additional fee of $100.

  • I can.. work on the commission on a public streaming platform.

  • I can.. post the artwork on my social media accounts.

  • I can.. display the artwork in my portfolio.

  • You can.. use the artwork for personal use.

  • You can.. use the artwork for self-promotion purposes (with proper credit).

  • You can.. post it on your social media accounts (with proper credit).

  • You cannot.. reproduce or use the artwork commercially, which means making a profit off of the artwork, without purchasing separate commercial rights.

  • You cannot.. take credit for creating the artwork or omit credit completely.

  • You cannot.. remove any watermarks, signatures, or alter the artwork in any significant way without my consent.

Still have questions?

  • Email me at art@rabbitkun.com

  • DM me at @rabbitkun on Twitter/Instagram